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Crane Inspections

Reliable OSHA Compliance Inspections

Your safety should be every company's top priority; that's why Protek Crane Solutions offers OSHA compliance inspections in Nashville, TN, to ensure all work equipment is safe to operate. The use of heavy machinery and equipment can be highly dangerous or even fatal if it's not in good condition or being misused. To prevent accidents, our company offers frequent inspections to ensure everything is up to code so you can keep yourself and your workers safe.

Detailed Assessments

You can count on our team of professionals when it comes to crane inspections, equipment inspections, and inspection programs designed to cover every facet of your machinery. This includes looking at the electrical and mechanical performance to ensure it is safe and used correctly. If we find that anything is amiss, we can conduct crane repairs and other services to get your machinery up and running perfectly. You don't want your equipment to fail you when you need it the most. When we talk about conducting detailed assessments, you can rely on us to always make:

Yellow Crane - OSHA Compliance Inspections

Frequent Inspection

OSHA 1910.179 (j) (2) requires that all overhead cranes and hoists be inspected monthly by a qualified person, and a detailed report of the inspection is kept on file. Protek Crane Solutions has a comprehensive inspection program that will ensure all regulatory standards are met on your equipment and are easy to read. The inspection report will meet all OSHA standards in the event of a safety audit. As part of our inspection, we will also make any minor adjustments to prevent premature wear of crucial components.

Gears – Frequent Inspections

Periodic Inspection

OSHA 1910.179 (j) (3) is an in-depth inspection of ALL components on your crane or hoist for deficiencies defined in the regulatory standard. Depending on several factors such as duty class, the severity of use, and environmental conditions, a Periodic Inspection may be required at specific intervals determined by manufacture recommendations and regulatory standards and not to exceed 12 months.

Straps and Cables Needs Frequent Inspections

Sling and Rigging Inspection

OSHA 1910.184 Requires inspecting your slings and rigging to be performed at specified intervals by a qualified person and maintains a report for your records. ProTek Crane Solutions can incorporate all of your riggings and below hook devices into a comprehensive program that will ensure all of your overhead lifting equipment complies.

Inspecting Gearbox Needs OSHA Compliance Inspections

Gearbox Inspection

Regular gearbox inspections can help identify issues before they cause catastrophic failure, and they are an ideal way to reduce emergency repair costs. Whether it’s a planned gearbox inspection as part of a proactive maintenance program or an emergency inspection following an issue, ProTek Crane Solutions has a team of experts ready to help.

Contact us today to book your inspection. Invest in your safety today, and you'll have a much more productive and confident staff who know they can rely on their equipment. We'll be glad to discuss our products and services.