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Below The Hook Devices

From Spreader Bars to Coil Grabs we got you covered. ProTek Crane Solutions carries a large selection of below the hook devices to assist with all you material handling needs. If you are looking for a custom attachment for a unique process our team will work with you to ensure you have the beast tools for the job. Also ask about our Inspection Program for Below The Hook Devices. We can provide OSHA compliance inspections on All your material handling needs.


Dyno Meters

Judging the weight of a load by eye is not an effective way of preventing an over load on your crane.We carry state of the art load monitoring equipment. If you have loads reaching maximum capacity of your lifting device or unknown loads you my need to utilize a calibrated dyno meter to ensure your not overloading your crane.We carry systems that allow for remote monitoring for the safety of your operators.Call today to find out more.