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Thorough and Precise Equipment Inspections in Birmingham

A construction worksite or heavy industry can be very hard on machines such as cranes and hoists. These pieces of equipment are built to handle the loads, but it’s best to keep them in top condition with routine equipment inspections in Birmingham. The reviews from ProTek Crane Solutions ensure the job site, and everyone on it is safe. Regular equipment checks are a good company policy that adheres to mandated safety standards. We offer services to meet all of your business needs.

We offer a range of OSHA-compliant inspections to ensure your equipment is safe to use. We’ll look at every aspect of your cranes, hoists, slings, rigging, and gearboxes with our programs that allow you to meet all regulatory standards.

Not only will our precise and thorough equipment examinations make sure everything is safe to operate, but they can also save your company time and money. Regular inspections and maintenance shutdowns can be easily incorporated into the work routine. They can identify and resolve issues before they become costly crane repairs and production delays. There are times that even with comprehensive maintenance, machines and equipment will break down. For those times, we offer 24/7 emergency services for customers from Louisville to Birmingham and beyond.