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High-Quality Chain Hoists in Nashville, TN

At ProTek Crane Solutions, we are proud to offer state-of-the-art chain hoists in Nashville, TN. We specifically carry lifts and hoists from Harrington Hoists, Inc. This is because they are recognized as the market leader and innovator in the crane and hoist industry. Harrington Hoists, Inc. offers a wide range of lifting solutions for many industrial applications. At our company, we provide their top quality products, including their:

  • Electric and Air Powered Chain Trolleys and Hoists
  • Electric Wire Rope Hoists and Trolleys
  • Lever Hoists
  • Manual Hand Chain Hoists
  • Push and Geared Trolleys
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Crane Accessories

We also offer a full line of replacement parts for all the products we have to offer. Contact us to learn more about the hoists we have to offer or to discuss your lift and crane needs with our team.

Dedicated to Quality

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Harrington Hoists is dedicated to delivering quality products with every hoist and crane they offer. That’s why choosing a Harrington electric chain hoist for your industrial lifting needs is consistently the right choice. Your complete satisfaction with your new hoist or overhead crane is always our highest priority.

Harrington Chain Hoist


(N)ER 3Phase 

(N)ER capacities 1/8 Ton through 5 Ton

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Harrington Chain Hoist


(N)ERCC 3-Phase Cylinder Control

(N)ERCC capacities 1/8 Ton and 1/4 Ton

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Harrington Chain Hoist

Harrington TNER Theatrical 3-Phase Hoist

TNER capacities of 1/2 - 2 ton

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Harrington Chain Hoist

Harrington (N)ERM Three Phase Hoist/Trolleys 

(N)ERM, (N)ERP and (N)ERG capacities 1/8 Ton through 5 Ton

Link here
Harrington Hoist

Harrington (N)ER Three Phase Large Capacity Hoists/Trolleys

(N)ER, (N)ERM and (N)ERG capacities 8 Ton through 20 Ton

Link here
Harrington Hoist

Harrington SNER Single Phase Hoists/Trolleys

SNER, SNERM, SNERP, SNERG capacities 1/4 Ton through 3 Ton

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Harrington ED Hoist

Harrington ED Single Phase Hoist/Trolleys 

ED-V single adjustable speed capacities 250 lb. through 1000 lb.
ED-DS dual speed and ED-DSA Infinity model capacities 125 lb. through 1050 lb.

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Harrington Food Grade Hoist

Harrington NER Food Grade 3-Phase Hoists/Trolleys

Capacities 1/4 - 2 Ton
Food grade oil and grease.Lubricants comply with FDA standards

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Harrington Hoist

Harrington EQ Three Phase VFD Trolley Hoists

EQ, EQM, EQP, EQG capacities 1/8 Ton through 1 Ton
3-Phase voltage 208-230V-3-50/60 or 380-460V-3-50/60

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Harrington EQ Hoist

Harrington SEQ Single Phase VFD Trolley Hoists

SEQ, SEQP, SEQG capacities 1/8 Ton through 1 Ton
1-Phase voltage 115-1-60 / (220-230)-1-50/60 

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