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Overhead Cranes

ProTek Crane Solutions is the fastest growing distributor of overhead cranes and hoists in the southeast. We sell and repair all manufacturers' cranes and are proud to offer our customers the most reliable and cost-effective engineered crane systems in the material handling industry. All of our cranes are custom built to meet the exact specifications. Utilizing industry knowledge and standards, our team can  ensure that your crane is built to last under the most extreme conditions. With capacities ranging from 1Ton to 150Ton applications, our team can guide you through the design process to ensure your crane meets all industry &regulatory standards.

Single Girder Crane

Single Girder Cranes

Capacities ranging from 1Ton through 15Ton single girder cranes are an ideal option for various applications, including Fabrication Shops & Manufacturing. Each crane is built to meet the needs of your application and include a selection of hoists to choose from.

Double Girder Crane

Double Grider Cranes

Capacities From 1Ton to 100Ton, each double crane is explicitly designed for your application. Duty Class options include C, D, and E classes and are designed with the environmental conditions in mind. Your Application Specialist will ensure your crane is built to meet your production needs and come equipped with the safety features needed.

Jib Crane

Jib Cranes

Offering a wide range of Designs, Capacities, and options, each Jib Crane is custom engineered to meet your needs. Capacities range from 1/4 Ton to 20Ton. Options include Fully Motorized, Articulating Booms, Wall Mount, and Ceiling Mount make jib cranes one of the most versatile options for lifting applications.

Work Station Crane

Work Station Cranes

Work Station Cranes are an ideal option for light-duty applications. Capacities from 1/4Ton to 2Ton, Spans up to 40' and runway lengths as long as 300'. Options include Motorized Bridge & Trolley with Variable Speed control semi and fully automated packages, as well as mounting options such as Ceiling Mount, Floor Mount, and counter lever can all be incorporated into your design. Our application specialist will design your workstation crane to meet your needs.