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ProTek Crane Solutions is the largest distributor of UESCO CRANES in the southeast. We sell and repair cranes and are proud to offer our customers the most reliable and cost effective engineered crane systems in the material handling industry. All UESCO CRANES are custom built to meet the exact specifications. Utilizing industry knowledge and standards our team can ensure that your crane is built to last under the most extreme conditions.

Custom Engineered systems that are built to last.

Service Class – All cranes are rated for a minimum CMAA Class C service.


All standard cranes feature electronic soft-start for a cushioned acceleration and adjustable torque magnetic disc brakes for smooth stopping of the load. Controls are full magnetic including a manual fused “through the door” disconnect with lockout handle, mainline magnetic disconnect, a 110 vac control circuit, thermal overload relays and branch circuit fusing all housed in a Nema 12 control enclosure. Equipment is designed to operate on 230 or 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz.

End Trucks

Crane end trucks are fabricated from structural steel channels or plates welded into a rigid frame. Top running wheels are forged steel hardened to 325 Bhn minimum. Drive wheels are tapered tread. Underrunning wheels are forged steel and have a crowned or flat tread for operation on standard S beam, wide flange beam or patented track. Rubber bumpers and rail sweeps are standard on all cranes.

Crane Lifting Machinery
Crane Equipment

Drive Machinery

All Uesco dual-motor crane drives are double or triple reduction parallel shaft, helical/spur reducers splash lubricated for dependable service and longer life. Minimum B-10 bearing life is 5,000 hours. The bridge drive motors are flange mounted with a standard Nema C or D flange and are 30 minute rated with Class F insulation. Thermal detectors embedded in the motor windings provide overload protection and meet the latest publication of the National Electric Code.

Bridge Girders

Bridge girders are fabricated from structural shapes, reinforced as necessary to build a rigid lifting frame. All double girder cranes have a minimum deflection of L/888, single girder cranes L/600. All cranes have a minimum safety factor of 5:1. Included are (3) 100 amp sliding shoe collectors and a 4 motion pendant suspended from the control panel for emergency on/off and bridge travel forward/reverse. When ordered with a wire rope or electric chain hoist, the pushbuttons of the hoist and crane are combined into one control station either hoist suspended or suspended from an optional flat cable festoon system.

Standard bridge electrification is flat cable suspended in loops from a steel track. Weights of typical hoists and trolleys are included in the wheel loads. Impact is not included. Shipping weights are for the crane only. Refer to the hoist manufacturers information for hoist shipping weights.

Optional Selection

Radio control or pendant from separate track, 2 speed or adjustable frequency control, Nema 12, 3R of 4 control enclosures, warning device, flashing lights, pilot lights, crane lights to illuminate the work area, travel limit switches, hazardous environment and spark resistant, dual-hoist control with selector switch, rigid electrification, cable reels for below the hook attachments, magnet or bucket service, footwalks, service platforms and cabs, longer time rated motors or higher class of motor insulation for high-temperature environment, thermal overload relays, circuit breakers, and branch circuit fusing. These and many more options are available for your Uesco crane.

Hoist Selection

Utilizing the right hoist with the right options is a key factor in the productivity and reliability of your overhead equipment. ProTek Crane Solutions can perform a process evaluation to ensure Duty Cycle, Rate of Lift, Lifting Capacity, Environmental Conditions, and Control Options are right for each application. Teaming up with industry leaders we are able to select the best hoist for each application.

Lift Tech

Specifications and dimensions for  Single Girder  and  Double Girder

Lift-tech International, division of Columbus McKinnon Corp., the recognized leading domestic manufacturer of wire rope and chain hoists. Capacities range from 1/4 to 60 tons and are available in monorail and double girder trolley arrangements or lug suspended and base mounted units. Single reeved and double reeved models available. From special applications, such as explosion-proof and hazardous locations to standard applications, Lift-tech has the experience to solve any overhead materials handling applications. All wire rope hoists are rated for a minimum HMI H4 heavy duty service.

Automated System


Specifications and dimensions

Coffing Hoist manufacturers electric chain and wire rope hoists from 1/4 to 5-ton capacity. Long lift electric chain hoists available. Hand chain hoists, manual trolleys, beam clamps, level hoists, cable lever hoists, air hoists, motorized trolleys, and light duty electric chain hoists. Coffing is a leader in domestic chain hoist manufacturers.

Flat Bed Truck with Crane Parts

R&M Hoist

Specifications and dimensions for  Single Girder  and  Double Girder

R&M Materials Handling has over 70 years of experience in the overhead material handling industry. The Spacemaster® SX electric wire rope hoist represents a revolutionary new generation of exceptionally reliable electric hoists, featuring advanced technology and cutting-edge performance. Standard configurations include normal headroom, low headroom, and double girder trolley designs. Wire rope hoists in short ton ratings (ASME) or metric ratings (FEM) meet a wide variety of application requirements:

  • 1/2 – 75 ton (500 – 75,000 kg) capacities
  • Lifts starting at 13ft (4m) to 320ft (100m) and beyond
  • Lift speeds 10/1.5 – 62/10 fpm (3/0.5 – 19/3 m/min)
  • 208, 230, 460, 575/3/60 or 380/3/50 supply
  • Single reeved or double reeved

Detroit Hoist

A leading domestic producer of wire rope hoists for both single and double girder applications. All hoists carry an H4 rating for heavy-duty service, feature variable frequency drives on trolley and hoists motions as standard equipment and supply the extra security of a Weston style mechanical load brake in the hoist transmission. Hoists are available from 5-ton through 40-ton capacity. All Detroit hoists are double reeved for true vertical lift. Detroit Hoist – a good selection for tough applications.


Harrington’s NER/ER electric chain hoists are full-featured and have earned recognition for their world-class design. The NER model includes a low headroom aluminum body, fan-cooled brake and motor, standard thermal motor protection and pull-rotor brake in a very economical package. The ER includes all of these features plus a secondary mechanical load brake and a count hour meter. Simply the best hoists on the market!

  • NER/ER capacities 1/8 Ton through 5 Ton
  • ER capacities 8 Ton through 20 Ton
  • 60 minute, H4 rated motor for the most demanding applications
  • Pull-rotor electric brake is self-adjusting and virtually maintenance-free
  • Completely sealed body suitable for harsh indoor or outdoor environments – IP55 rated
  • Plug in electrical connections save time on set up and maintenance