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Ensure Safety and Compliance with Regular Equipment Inspections in Huntsville

Industrial manufacturing facilities and large construction worksites are just two of the many demanding environments that depend on cranes. They rely on them to make the lifts, but they need to do it safely while meeting all safety standards and regulations.  ProTek Crane Solutions offers thorough equipment inspections in Huntsville to ensure your machinery adheres to all OHSA requirements and is safe to use.

Regular examinations of your cranes, hoists, and related equipment are the way to avoid injuries, costly breakdowns, and production delays. These assessments help identify potential problems and resolve them before they manifest themselves. It’s much easier to deal with crane repairs during an inspection than it is during an expensive breakdown that can have a dramatic impact on your company’s output. However, if your business in Chattanooga or elsewhere in the region experiences a crane breakdown, our team is ready to respond with our 24/7 emergency services.

We offer multiple assessments that will help your company meet all OHSA standards. You can depend on us for frequent inspections of overhead cranes and hoists. Our periodic checks are in-depth and look at all components of the crane or hoist. When we examine slings and rigging on your cranes, we ensure all the parts are safe and in compliance. The gearbox inspections we conduct are rigorous and determine the safety of the unit.