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Crane Equipment Inspections in Lexington

Keep your workplace operating at peak efficiency while complying with health and safety regulations by scheduling regular equipment inspections in Lexington from the team at ProTek Crane Solutions.

We offer a range of routine checks that will ensure your heavy lifting machinery is safe to use. It’s much easier for a company to schedule regular maintenance examinations than deal with potential of workplace injuries and costly equipment breakdowns. Our team offers various assessment levels that check every aspect of the electrical and mechanical performance of your cranes. Our frequent inspections are conducted monthly to meet OSHA requirements, and we’ll also handle any minor adjustments at the same time to prevent premature wear.

Periodic checkups look at all components for deficiencies as defined in the regulatory standards. These may be scheduled at specific intervals that should not exceed 12 months. Slings and rigging also need to be inspected regularly for safety requirements.

Gearboxes are among the most crucial parts of a crane and require close examinations to prevent catastrophic failures. Proactive assessments avoid expensive breakdowns and delays. If your equipment does suffer from a mechanical issue, you can depend on us for crane repairs from Lexington to Louisville and beyond.